PLQ is a granulate made of wheat straw 50% and 50% lignin and cellulose from trees and bamboo. It’s a unique product and 100% compostable*. We’re working on a variant that’s made of 100% Wheat straw and will be launched 2022.

With PLQ we started producing our own Cyclups cutlery, ice spoons, stirrers and straws and it’s a success. Check out the products and find out what’s possible.

We are now in the process of developing multiple granulate ratios for tailor-made projects that can be used for sunglasses, pens, flower pots, egg trays, etc. (products for multiple use but not for several years).

Join us in circular injection molding and extrusion and check out Cyclups Creation or get in touch and find a way to make your products plantastiq.

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