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In the introductory meeting we will have a look at my company and if it fits your past business operations and what I can change for your company in the short term. Enter the desired date and time for your introductory call.
I will call you at the requested moment and tell you more about who I am, what I stand for, what I want to achieve with my product and how I can make your company more sustainable and profitable.
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'' Where normally all sustainable solutions for plastic straws are lacking, the Eco Wheat Straws are the exact opposite! Had super contact, ordering went smoothly and finally straws that do not become weak during use. Can anyone recommend it! ''


'' This type of innovation is exactly what the world needs. Clever, user-friendly and looks slick. They don't fall apart like the paper straws, which is a major plus. Highly recommended for anyone that cares about the environment! ''

- KNUT MARIUS, Trømso -

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