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Article: The Plastic-Free Revolution: Introducing PLQ Granulate

non plastic granulate, biodegradable

The Plastic-Free Revolution: Introducing PLQ Granulate

Are you ready to jump into the plastic-free revolution? Cyclups proudly introduces PLQ granulate, a game-changing compostable alternative to traditional plastics. It's time to reimagine how we make and use everyday products, and Cyclups is at the forefront with our innovative solutions. 💚

PLQ granulate offers an array of strengths and applications, tailored to diverse industry needs. Let's take a closer look: 🔍

1️⃣ PLQ1: Flexible and Versatile for Films and Blowmolding
PLQ1 is perfect for crafting flexible films and blowmolded products. Whether it's packaging materials, bags, or other applications, PLQ1 provides the desired flexibility while ensuring a compostable and natural end-of-life. 🌿🎥

2️⃣ PLQ2: Extrusion Excellence for Drinking Straws
Say goodbye to plastic drinking straws! PLQ2 is specifically formulated for extrusion, delivering exceptional performance and durability. It's time to embrace eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on functionality. 🥤♻️

3️⃣ PLQ3: Sturdy and Sustainable Cutlery
Tired of plastic cutlery contributing to landfill waste? PLQ3 is the answer. Our sturdy and compostable cutlery offers a sustainable solution for restaurants, catering services, and other food establishments. 🍴🌱

4️⃣ PLQ4: Hard Containers with a Green Twist
PLQ4 is the ideal granulate for manufacturing hard containers. From food packaging to storage solutions, PLQ4 combines durability with compostability, offering a guilt-free choice for your business. 🍱🌏

5️⃣ PLQ5: Extreme Strength for Press Molding
When you need unparalleled strength and rigidity, PLQ5 steps up to the plate. Designed for press molding applications, PLQ5 is the go-to choice for demanding industries that require exceptional performance. 💪🏗️

At Cyclups, we believe in co-creating a non-plastic planet. Our PLQ granulate is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to providing natural alternatives that don't harm the environment. Join us on this journey to a greener future. Together, we can make a difference, one compostable granule at a time. 🌱🌍

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non plastic, biodegradable

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