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An easy to use set of a fork, spoon and knife (17cm) with napkin. Created with PLQ made from residual rest streams such as reed and wheat. It’s 100% natural and 100% compostable. The straws are gluten-free, vegan friendly and paper-free.

PLQ is made from rest streams and comes in various strengths & compostability times. We already successfully started to create our own creations.

It all started with a carefree six-month backpack trip of sun and diving in Asia and Oceania. We started in the Philippines, and we came back to the Netherlands with an ambition and vision to co-create a plastic-free world.

Although we know there are a lot of alternatives for plastic out there that join our mission. We even go one step further by moving from biodegradable to compostable* non-plastic. No waste and a fertilizer for soil. Get in touch, and together we’ll find out how to make your products plantastiq.

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*PRE-ORDER* FOURFOLD 1000PCS Sale price$410.00