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Created from 100% real wheat straws, that's why they have a variable diameter. They're 100% natural and 100% compostable. The straws are gluten-free, vegan friendly and plastic-free.

We also have PLQ straws, PLQ is made from wheat and comes in various strengths & compostability times. It’s a granulate and can be used to replace ‘classic’ plastics in injection molding and extrusion. We already successfully started to create our own creations.

We know there are a lot of alternatives for plastic out there that join our mission. We even go one step further by moving from biodegradable to compostable* non-plastic. No waste and a fertilizer for soil. Get in touch, and together we’ll find out how to make your products plantastiq.

What are wheat straws made of?

Eco wheat drinking straws are biodegradable and natural straws made of natural wheat stems. Every year there are tons of residual waste in the agricultural sector worldwide.

Usually after harvesting this waste will be burned. What we do is we collect this residual waste from farms worldwide and pay them a fair fee, cut the stems into the requested lengths and sterilize it in warm water afterwards.

This process ensures that we defeat bacteria. The extra benefit of this procedure is that the straws will not stick to your lips while enjoying your drink! 

We never add any kind of chemicals while sterilizing. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy a hot or cold drink, it’s made for almost any kind of drink. Your ice-tea or cocktail will taste delicious over and over again with our natural eco straw in your drink.

We don’t recommend to use the straw straws for smoothies or thick milkshakes. It is a natural product so we can’t influencing the diameter of the straw. Nature made them 3-7 mm thick. Still the narrow diameter is perfect for almost any kind of drink.

natural-straw-straws-wheat-drinking-straws- eco-wheat-straws-maastricht


The transition from plastic to new non-plastic has been an interesting and challenging journey. We’ve had our ups and downs in the process. Creating the right granulate making sure it’s strong enough and still fits the requirements of compostability, creating the right shapes and molds for our products, tuning the machines to make sure there’s constant production and so on.

We managed and learned a lot along the way, including finding the right experts to find solutions. We want to share that knowledge to help you make the transition to circular injection molding and extrusion as smooth as possible.

Whether it’s the transition from plastic to PLQ, or just find a new use for existing injection molding or extrusion machines, we have a team of experts that will help create molds, find the right mix or just support the process.

If you’re interested, get in touch. There’s no time to waste. We need to make the transition to the new non-plastic as soon as possible.

The Creation Team

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