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Article: An eco-friendly process called the ‘’Triple Carbon Dioxide Saver’’

An eco-friendly process called the ‘’Triple Carbon Dioxide Saver’’

An eco-friendly process called the ‘’Triple Carbon Dioxide Saver’’

Did you know that ECO Wheat - Straws adjusts residual agricultural wheat waste, turn it into a first class ecologically responsible wheat drinking straw and thereby save up to 50% of carbon dioxide emissions compared to their competitors?


(Wheat drinking straws are healthy for you and the planet)

During the process of adjusting wheat drinking straws the major goal is reducing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Due to our ‘’Triple Carbon Dioxide Saver’’ we create a plastic-free environment, straw by straw.

To unburden the local Indian wheat farmers from their residual agricultural waste we collect these stems in exchange for a fair fee. Local farmers usually burn this residual waste because they can not find a valuable purpose. But luckily we did.


After collecting these stems ECO Wheat - Straws sterilises them in warm water and does not add any chemicals during this process. Afterwards the straws get cut into the desired length and end up as a first-class durable wheat drinking straw.

Last but not least, after all the drinking pleasure ecological wheat drinking straws end up in the compost bin and biodegrade within one year. After all the straws serve as a nutrient for our own soil. 


ECO Wheat - Straws and the ‘’Triple Carbon Dioxide Saver’’ adjusting process ensures an organic, environmentally friendly and plastic-free first-class wheat drinking straw. Towards a plastic free planet within one generation is the vision.

Are you aware of the upcoming law amendment regarding single use plastics? Ready to sustainability your business and contribute to the durable economical reset? Join us today and sign up for our e-learning with tips and tricks, temporarily for free. 

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