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non plastic granulate, biodegradable


With Cyclups cutlery, our aim was distinctiveness 🌟. This stands as a milestone 🏁, signifying our departure from plastic to the realm of the new non-plastic.

In a sea of plastic cutlery designs, our aspiration was clear - we needed to set ourselves apart, articulating our principles while maintaining practicality and elegance. Thus, we embraced a guiding concept: Back to Nature 🌿.

Our approach to design was to immerse ourselves in nature's details. More precisely, we turned our gaze to the leaves of trees 🍃. Leaves, delicate yet strong, embody both lightness and resilience. They embody efficiency and, interestingly, this efficiency translates into captivating beauty - a marvel of design.

As this concept took root, our designers found themselves in a creative flow 🌊. The essence of our cutlery design flowed organically, as if from nature itself. Observe the base and midrib as central components - they encapsulate Cyclups' strength and distinctive character. You can witness the outcome in our Creation section and explore our shop 🛍️.

This marks the inception of a fresh approach to design 🌄. It's a philosophy not restricted to cutlery alone, but one that extends to all products that can be crafted using PLQ granulate.

Embrace the innate beauty of nature in design 🌍🌱 and let's forge a plastic-free future together 🚀.

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non plastic granulate


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non plastic granulate, biodegradable


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