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non plastic granulate, biodegradable


Achieving perfection can often mask the challenges of the journey. 🛤️ The road to where we stand today was neither short nor smooth. While we can't reveal all the details (wink 😉), we're excited to take you on a ride through the trials and triumphs that birthed our revolutionary new non-plastic marvel, PLQ.

To start, PLQ boasts a higher viscosity, making it thicker than conventional plastic. 🌊 This seemingly small difference posed a significant challenge - ensuring that the material flows seamlessly into the mold tips to craft our nature-inspired cutlery designs. In collaboration with our partner Chemelot (part of DSM), we devoted countless hours to tweaking compositions and conducting tests, tirelessly pursuing the perfect blend.

Speaking of blends, the marriage of water and wheat straw introduced an unexpected hurdle - an overpowering scent. Quick cooling became imperative to maintain strength while eradicating the odor. We're proud to declare - mission accomplished, no more smells. 👃❌

Then comes the temperature conundrum. 🔥 Precise heating is necessary to transform PLQ into its liquid state, yet too much heat risks degradation and compromised quality. Inside the mold, the temperature dance continues. We've become temperature virtuosos, mastering the art down to tenths of a degree.

Of course, color plays a pivotal role. 🎨 We aimed for a captivating natural gold/brown hue to grace our cutlery. But, as a product rooted in nature, color variations are inevitable, influenced by yearly cycles and harvest times. The potential shift towards grey wasn't acceptable. Challenge accepted, challenge overcome. We've become wheat aficionados, selecting the perfect grain for cutlery (other harvests cater to different product needs).

Fiber type, mixing ratios, gentle whispers to the wheat - an assortment of factors demanded attention and resolution to give birth to the perfect PLQ3. The nitty-gritty details are yours to explore. 🔍📋

Long story short, perfecting a product is a journey filled with experimentation, learning from failures, and persistent effort. But in the end, it all comes together, resulting in the most plantastiq cutlery worldwide.

And that, my friends, makes every moment worth it - a contribution towards co-creating a world free from plastic. Stay tuned. 🌍🌿

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non plastic granulate, biodegradable


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